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5000 Strangers Collectibles, now boarding

meet the artist

Nick Kuchar is an O‘ahu based artist inspired by adventure, modern design, and the early days of surf culture. He has created this whimsical collection of characters as an ode to exploration and finding meaning in shared experiences.

His artwork is featured with numerous travel and consumer brands such as Hurley, Patagonia, JuneShine, Four Seasons, Hawaiian Airlines, Turtle Bay Resort, Jamba Juice, and more!

Nick creates vintage inspired surf and travel art to celebrate our favorite locations throughout Hawai‘I and beyond.
Nick’s art style pays homage to mid century modern design, vintage travel posters, and the scenic beauty of Hawai‘i.
His creative process takes him throughout the islands where he looks for inspiration paddling out at surf breaks and going on hikes.

meet the team

Collective strangers began as a web3 focused photography collective with a love for travel and sharing photos. We inspired the first community sourced photography collection. Now we're building the stranger world of travel.


we don’t believe
in fancy roadmaps.

We’ve been around the space long enough to know most of them are wishful thinking. Our roadmap is simple: Build a community inspired by the future of web3 travel and experiences. Here's what we have accomplished:

  • 01. Launch Website

  • 02. Announce OpenSea Partnership

  • 03. Nominations

  • 04. initiate minting

  • 05. Art Reveal

  • 06. Boarding (Onchain Loyalty)


The Collective Strangers Photography Pass provides access to our members only group of 1,000 strangers, photographers, and those passionate about the stories a photo can tell. The pass acts as your entry to our evolving photography focused pipeline.

Although the Collective Strangers Photography Membership and Strangers HQ are intended to be separate from one another,  holders of the photography pass will also receive free mints in the upcoming Strangers HQ PFP collection.

Gold Camera Pass = 2 mints

White Camera Pass = 1 mint